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+600 marketing assets tailored to French Canada for national telecom giant Bell.

Bell stands as Canada's largest telecommunications company, delivering a comprehensive suite of services including internet, TV, radio, telephony, smart home, business solutions, and much more. This media powerhouse is also a leading content creation investor, playing a pivotal role in supporting Canadian culture across the nation. Serving a diverse clientele in a country that boasts 8 million Francophones, Bell recognizes the importance of delivering targeted messages to Quebecois and French-Canadian audiences, mindful of regional nuances and sociocultural distinctions. Since 2018, Sculpture has been instrumental in localizing Bell's content, ensuring each message resonates effectively with its intended market. This partnership spans billboard advertising to digital display, to communications through mail and email, ensuring the tone is tailored at every touchpoint.



Over the years, Sculpture has successfully completed over 600 adaptation and proofreading tasks, encompassing newsletters, landing pages, and various promotional content, in addition to a large number of copywriting email projects. These endeavours have consistently met, and often exceeded, targets for retention open rates, upsell open rates, and click-through rates.

One of the key challenges of our mandate is to stay true to Bell's specific terminology, sourced from a detailed and ever-evolving lexicon. We translate key messages from English into French clearly and distinctively, always mindful of the unique cultural codes of French-speaking Canada. The tone remains approachable yet professional at all times. Our approach is flexible and comprehensive, whether we're creating engaging taglines for the latest movie releases or drafting corporate content for the business community.


French Canadian Studio: Sculpture
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